The Golf Club


#1 - Par 4 - 412 yards

This beautiful opening hole begins from an elevated tee  to a plateaued landing area that slopes from right to left. The small elevated green has an open front that will accept shots ran up to the green. Don't be afraid to miss short however, as shots from left, right, and long are all difficult options.


#2 - Par 3 - 177 yards

The second hole is our signature and may be one of the hardest par 3's in the entire state of Ohio. The elevated tee and green make it almost like an island. The green itself is severe and small and well protected by a bunker and tall grass on steep green edges. Getting out with a par on this par 3 is a success. 


#3 - Par 4 - 314 yards

The third hole is a unique risk/reward hole that allows long hitters to take an aggressive line off the tee. New teeing options, however, can make this a very demanding short par 4. The second shot, set-up by a good drive, will leave you with a great opportunity to get it close. Be sure to miss it in the right spot around the green as long or left will leave you a tough up and down.


#4 - Par 5 - 519 yards

Our fourth hole is a beautiful rolling par 5 that gives longer hitters an opportunity to make a birdie. The key on this hole  is to find the best lay-up for your third shot as it is straight uphill to a green guarded in the front by a bunker. Again work your way up to this green as long shots will leave a difficult shot into a green that runs away. 


#5 - Par 5 - 526 yards

The fifth hole is a demanding par 5 that hinges entirely on the drive. The best line from the elevated tee is directly at the fairway pot bunker. The second shot is a blind shot to a landing area that has a dip in the middle of it. The green sits down from the fairway making the shot play slightly shorter than the yardage and the mounded green has it's highest point directly in the middle of the green.


#6 - Par 4 - 426 yards

The sixth hole is the hardest on the course. This long narrow par four is guarded left and right by trees and the fairway landing area is elevated like a plateau. Play your tee shot to the right side of the fairway for the best angle. The second shot is the largest drop on the course. Take one less club to account for this drop. The green is a small target sloping from back to front. 


#7 - Par 4 - 410 yards

The seventh is another picturesque hole from an elevated tee to a fairway that faces the player. The fairway crests and begins to run away until it drops off dramatically at 100 yards from the green. The green is again elevated and slopes severely from back to front. A shot missed long will almost certainly lead to a bogey or double.


#8 - Par 3 - 152 yards

The eighth hole is a shorter par 3 with a forced carry from tee to green. The front of the green is guarded by a tall steep hill and pot bunker on the right front of the green. The green itself slopes from right to left with the front left being the lowest point in the green. Putting from the center to the front left is faster than it looks.


#9 - Par 4 - 302 yards

The ninth hole is the easiest hole on the golf course and another risk/reward golf hole. It is also often the make or break hole in  many matches. Play it safe with an iron off the tee or go for the green and you can make your own fate at the end of the round. The green is guarded by two bunkers and a water hazard to the left and itself is very flat. If you don't see break you're probably right.